Buku Sudoku

Buku Sudoku

Buku Sudoku will put the traditional Sudoku game onto your computer

Buku Sudoku will put the traditional Sudoku game onto your computer.
The Sudoku game has very simple rules. In a matrix, you can write as many numbers as places exist. If you have a 9x9 matrix, the game will display 9 squares with 9 different numbers (from 1 to 9). At the beginning of the game, just some numbers will be placed. You have to place the rest of them, not repeating the same name in a square, in the same row or column.

Buku Sudoku will allow you to customize the way in which the program will display the board. You can choose to play with any matrix, from the 4x4 to the 16x16 size. And you can choose to use numbers or symbols. The program also has several levels of difficulty. So, there are a lot o possibilities to keep enjoying this game.

The game also lets you create your own Sudoku games. You can choose any of the available themes and enter the numbers (or symbols) that you want to show, wherever you want.

The program that you will install will be downloaded as a file of 27.63 Mb from Big Fish Game. The trial version will allow you to play for free for sixty minutes.

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